Born 15th March 2000  Weight 2.710 kilos (6lbs)
Now I weigh 3.25 kilos, dont know what that is in pounds
I'm a metric baby!


This is me aged two weeks.    I visited Auntie May and she was very pleased to see me.

My first china doll came from Brazil. Cecilia sent it to me. It is lovely.
This is Alice, Alfie and Maud, Christina and Bob who came to visit me at home.

Alice and Alfie were very careful with me when the picked me up. They are used to younger children because of their sister Maud, and I am looking forward to playing with them when I am older.
My Mum prepares to take me out in the sling for the first time. She got so tired she had to phone my Dad for him to come and collect us from the shops, but I liked the shops!!!!

The midwive comes to visit me and make sure I'm ok. She thinks
I am doing very well inspite of having parents who keep worrying!

Margaret and Authur came all the way from Newcastle to
visit me. That was very nice and I like them a lot. Thanks
for all the presents aswell.

Have a look at the first page I had with me a bit younger.
Click here to see more of me now that I'm older

All my love, Victoria

my email is

if you want your own web site contact my dad because
that's what he does.