Born 15th March 2000  Weight 2.710 kilos (6lbs)
Now I weigh 5.25 kilos,
dont know what that is in pounds I'm still a metric baby!

Me wearing the latest creation in party hats and waving a streamer at the party of my new Friend Amanda who was four years old on 7th May. This was my first official invitation and I enjoyed it very much, especailly the attention from all the other children who were very careful with me. I was the youngest guest at 7 weeks old and Amanda's mum held me up for the party photos. Thanks for the invite, I had a great time.

Tiree came with her Mum Hannah from Yorkshire to visit us. Tiree is six months old and she will be my friend and play with me when we are older.

My Dad's friend Maria Mason came all the way from Seattle, USA to vist me and meet my Mum. Here we all are with my Granmother aswell. Maria bought me a flashing mirror which I love and my parents use it as an incentive for me to crawl to during physiotherapy. I am eight weeks old in this photo.

This is my first pair of shoes. My Mum bought these for me in Brazil before I was born, she knew already what I would like to wear. I do like them very much and manage to keep them on most of the time. I am sitting in the swingy chair which I enjoy and find so relaxing that I dose off sometimes. In the chair are a string of elephants given by Tony and Annette in Munich, I love the elephants very much and am currently engaged in trying to see if I can get them in my mouth!

I became a Brazilain Citizen on 3rd May 2000.
Eu sou Brasileira!!!


My friends Tony and Debra came to visit from Leicester before going off to live in Majorca, Spain. I wished them good luck and we all hope to visit them there soon. I am seven and a half weeks old in this photo.

Me with my first "three months old" birthday cake. I hope I get one every three months! The cake is a Victoria Sandwich, of course, what else???
I didn't eat any of the cake but I am eating fruit now. My favourites are strawberries, bananas and plums which I suck whole. I am also eating mashed up carrot, potato and something my Mum calls abobra which is butter nut squash here in UK.
I like eating at the table like grown ups, and can't wait untill I'm old enough to enjoy cake.

The doctors confirmed I have Downs Syndrome 47XX21, so I will have to be very careful about where I go and what I do in future.
They are very pleased with my progress so far, and my parents think I am very strong. I am strong, not just in body. You wait!!!

Have a look at the first page I had with me a bit younger aged 2 weeks.
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All my love, Victoria

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