Alternative Photographic Processes
by Maria de Fatima Campos, ARPS

This page shows some of the work Maria does using  Silver Gelatin (Liquid Photographic Emulsion) which is applied to art paper, handmade paper, canvas, wood, glass etc, to produce stunning results.  Much of this work featured in our exhibition "No Linear do Infinito" at the Museum of Image and Sound both in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil in 1996.  This led to us running workshops for professional photographers using different liquid emulsions.
Recently Maria has been photographing mothers, children, artist and nudes, then printing on a variety of surfaces which are sympathetic to the soft images.

Child on canvas
Nude male on wood
Nude on glass
Pregnant woman on marble
Child on handmade paper
Favela child on handmade paper
Brentford girl on art paper

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