Fine Art Black & White Prints
by Richard Davis, FRPS

These pictures were taken in Kenya whilst on an expedition organised by the Scientific Exploration Society which visited many remote places.
The pictures are available as fine art prints.

Masai mother and baby. 17kb

Masai mother and baby

Pokot woman in desert. 16kb

Pokot woman in desert

Lamu wedding bed. 18kb

Lamu wedding bed

Masai Moran war dance. 20kb

Masai Moran war dance

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These pictures are available as fine art prints
mounted in a window mount at 50x60cm.
Costing just £185.00 (+ 17.5% VAT in Europe) inc postage and insurance
they represent excellent value for money for collectors of fine art photographs.
We accept cash, cheques and most major credit cards.
VAT Registration No. 231 1713 12

Please send an email with your details allowing 28 days for delivery.
Cheques should be made payable to;

  Campos & Davis
6 Cranbourne Road
London N10 2BT
Tel/fax + 44 181 883 8638

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